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Titanium: The Material That Defines Sexy

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True style, real distinction and urban elegance are all about one thing: standing out from the crowd. As you carve your own path through the city’s streets, it’s important to stay one step ahead of your contemporaries, to seek out quality, and to choose your accessories to match and reflect your personality. By doing so, you’re making a bold statement, and defining yourself as one who does not settle for second best… for why should you?


The Ultimate in Contemporary Style


As they say, a gentleman dresses for the day, not for the occasion. For this reason, selecting your accessories carefully becomes of the utmost importance; after all, you never know who or what’s around the next turn, or where each moment might lead. This mantra has led men all over the globe to begin sourcing higher quality sunglasses, made from the latest, most durable and stylish materials available, and there is no material sleeker, sexier or more fitting for 21st century streetwear than titanium.


As versatile as it is lightweight, as strong as it is beautiful, there’s no surprise that titanium is the metal of the moment when it comes to everything from sunglasses to space shuttles, rings to racing cars, and bracelets to buildings. It’s the material which has come to symbolise the modern age, and it has been revolutionary in (amongst other things) men’s fashion, thanks to its cool, streamlined appearance, and unrivaled reliability. Titanium has an irresistibly sleek appearance: its cold, silver-white natural hue is the very essence of contemporary style, it can be easily coloured to suit a wide array of preferences, and it has a level of flawlessness and smoothness which is almost completely unrivaled. Sexy, slick, suave - it’s the metal of men who know what they want, and aren’t willing to make a single compromise in order to grasp it.


Titanium Sunglasses: Accessorising for the 21st Century


Sunglasses especially have benefited from this space-age metal; carved from a solid block of high grade titanium, glasses frames made from this material have been proven to be 30% lighter and 50% stronger than steel - perfect for the modern gentleman on the go. However, the beneficial properties of titanium don’t start and end there, and there is a host of other reasons why the known world’s hardest metal has come to be a favourite of the 21st century style-conscious man.


Firstly, it’s widely appreciated for being a biocompatible metal. Nothing is going to cramp your style more than a rash or discolouration, which can easily occur with sunglasses made from lower quality materials. Titanium products will not causes any sort of allergic reaction, meaning you can rest at ease even if you have sensitive skin.


Titanium is strong in every sense, and yet its lightness and deftness make it highly versatile and ideal for wearable accessories. It will not blemish or scratch, and will comfortably maintain its integrity for the longest time. Indeed, titanium is considerably stronger than steel, so you don’t have to worry about your sunglasses getting dented, marked and corroded - flawlessness is sexy!


Many people even claim that titanium has health benefits. The jury’s out on this one, but many maintain that this metal boosts energy levels, and helps alleviate pain such as headaches. Whether this is true or not, there’s no doubt that when it comes to sunglasses, titanium’s density and weight make it a far more comfortable material to wear.


When you look great, you have the confidence to step out and achieve what you need to. By choosing sunglasses made from titanium, you’re letting it be known that your choices reflect what you see as important: a combination of strength and sexiness, durability and effortless style. The future is well and truly here, and it’s made of titanium.

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