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Why Matte Black is the New Black

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Whenever a new product like a smartphone comes out, you can be sure that it comes in either of one of two colors: white or black.

Now I have nothing against people who prefer lighter colors, but choosing white almost guarantees that your new purchase will devolve into a nice shade of dirt grey. Black on the other hand, all but ensures that the item will retain its color from the moment it leaves the box to the time you are slowly lowered into your grave.

But not all shades of black deliver this sense of permanence. Jet black for instance, gives your smartphone a nice sheen that, while glossy, can easily be overrun with fingerprint marks that make it look like you were involved in a recent murder case.

That is why more companies are now implementing matte black into their product lines. Though less shiny than other shades, matte delivers its own charm by providing a grainy texture and an appearance that is easier on the eyes. It also doesn’t gather dust or fingerprints as often as other tints, making it a good color choice for products that see everyday use.

Though seen on supercars, matte black is making its presence felt through smartphones, appliances, and even nail polish. It currently becoming one of the biggest rising color trends, so you better believe the world is getting matte in black.

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